Other Obstetrical Services Provided:
• Cerclage of Cervix
• Cesarean Section
• Family Planning
• Genetic Testing
• High Risk Pregnancy
• Lab Testing
• Routine Vaginal Delivery
• Tubal Ligation
• Ultrasonography

Obstetrical Care

OBGYN Associates of Norman specializes in obstetrical care. We take great joy in assisting the welcoming of a child into this world. We deliver the highest quality prenatal care and are on the forefront of providing great medical care and are here to encourage and assist you throughout this special experience.

OB Services Provided

Pre-Conception Planning
To help you and your partner understand how to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Genetic Testing
We have access to a full complement of the most advanced testing and screening currently recommended for genetic screening prior to and during your pregnancy.
• Integrated Screen
• MaternaT21
• Harmony
• QNatal
• Quad Screen

PostPartum Visit
There are many factors to think about in choosing birth control after delivery, including
• Breastfeeding
• Ease of use
• Expense
• Past experiences with birth control
• Plans for future pregnancy
• Side effects

There are many options for pregnancy prevention, including:
• Depo Provera
• IUDs
• NuvaRing
• Oral contraceptive pills
• Sterilization

Ultimately, you may not request any birth control at all. If there is additional information, we can give you to help you in making this decision please do not hesitate to ask us.

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